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'''Location:''' ["NodeRedAndBlack"] Red and Black Cafe [[BR]]
'''Date and Time:''' 6:30 pm, June 14th 2006[[BR]]
'''Scribe:''' [[BR]]
'''Roll Call:''' [[BR]]
'''Location:''' [[NodeRedAndBlack]] Red and Black Cafe <<BR>>
'''Date and Time:''' 6:30 pm, June 14th 2006<<BR>>
'''Scribe:''' <<BR>>
'''Roll Call:''' <<BR>>

Location: NodeRedAndBlack Red and Black Cafe
Date and Time: 6:30 pm, June 14th 2006
Roll Call:


  • Election process
    • Caleb nominated Troy for Troy's board position, and Russell for Russell's board position;
    • Russell nominated Caleb for Russell's board position.
    • Any others?
  • Mississippi update
    • Review repeater allocation criteria (someone near metrix-ed wants coverage, apparently isn't getting it now, can we supply a repeater?)
    • Deploying a third repeater (first paid for) this week
    • Repeaters seem to be working great these days, except might be good to add nocatsplash or figure a way to bridge (wds). currently, only the first repeater client auth's each day because the repeater nat's.
    • Russell stopped at FreshPot and power cycled the edimax again. This time, we put a PTP sticker on the cord (white, near the turntable) so we can phone in the request in the future.

    • Russell (slap that guy!) needs to compile and test a new madwifi-ng and, if it improves things, deploy.
    • Need to get on NAYA roof and reconnect naya-cisco-se
    • Need to get on Ed's roof and repoint backhaul antenna to commons and then replace naya-metrix-sw with naya-cisco-sw.
    • Need to raise metrix-commons antennas about 5 feet to become visible from altura furniture
    • Need to install at Altura Furniture
    • Need to install at Grand Central Baking
      • Need to contact building owners about facilitating AC power on their roof, as running cable from ground seems problematical.
    • Need to schedule "Need to ..." items above.


  • Basically, did not discuss the agenda items, but spent the meeting resurrecting the nucab, hugh.
  • DonPark indicated he might be out of town for a couple months, to SF. Don and Russell talked a little about how we'd run the election were Don to be absent. Russell suggested we draft someone to be neutral vote counter, as it would be unseemly for him to count votes for his own position.

  • Russell reiterated his desire to get a copy of the signed bylaws, as enacted. We do not currently have a copy in the PTP files, which lends uncertainty to how it is we should be operating.
  • According to /var/log/nocat.log, hugh was installed on January 31, 2004. It discontinued auth'ing users on October 22, 2004. It was rebooted (probably power failures in the building) a number of times during 2005, but otherwise happily hummed away above the door, disconnected from any network, until we wandered in to say hello.
  • After finishing up, Caleb and Russell discussed some of the Mississippi status/todo items briefly. Caleb *might* be able to join MichaelWeinberg and RussellSenior on Mississippi tomorrow to run the cable extension to naya-cisco-se. Or might not. Russell hopes he can. Incremental progress is better than no progress.


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