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 * Russell talks about the ed-commons link.

Location: NodeAnnaBannanasStJohns BR Date and Time: July 19, 2006, 6:30pmBR Scribe: RussellSeniorBR Roll Call: DonPark, TomHiggins, TylerBooth, TomFitzgerald, RussellSenior, GaberielRamuglia, JeremyLambeth BR


  • FOSCON/OSCON planning and printing
    • TomFitzgerald offers use of color laser

    • Documentation update party - node lists are out of date
  • FieldDay2006 planning

  • Discuss lossy naya-sw/commons, eds/commons link.


  • Consumed delicious apple banana coconut smoothie
  • Discussed OSCON logistics
  • Russell shows off the bike stumbler
  • FieldDay2006 is on life-support unless we find some volunteers to help out

  • TomHiggins talks about DorkBot

  • Bryant arrives, about to talk about reactivating the AnnaBannanas node.

  • Russell talks about the ed-commons link.


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