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 * Troy suggests installing dbmail on donk to take over mail from bone

Location: AmnesiaBrewing BR

  • 832 N Beech St. Portland, OR 97227

Date and Time: Wednesday August 9nd 2006 6:30pm BR Scribe: BR Roll Call: BR

Agenda BR

  • Mississippi Network
    • complete the network repair (seems done-ish now ... at least the commons-ballroom link seems repaired, knock on wood)
      • try to associate and pass traffic on the ballroom ciscos (SE and NW corners of the building). No one seems to be using them lately. Check BSSIDs against MAC addresses in MississippiNetworkDiagram.

    • scout new sites
    • plan outing to identify new sites (like with balloon on long string, binoculars on Commons roof, frs radios, and knocking on doors), there are some residences worth knocking at a few blocks east of Commons. Lets us identify good roofs and seek volunteers instead of seek volunteers and then check their roofs. Seems worth a try. When?
    • plan another workshop
  • Outages needing fixing
    • powells technical books
    • ecotrust
  • Troy suggests installing dbmail on donk to take over mail from bone


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