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 * Second FieldDay, October 28th. http://www.seattlewireless.net/2006wirelessfieldday

Location: NodeRoseAndRaindropBR Date and Time: October, 4th, 2006 6:30pm-8:00pmBR Scribe: YouBR Roll Call: ThemBR


  • Drink delicious beer. Be sad about RandR going away. Figure out how/when we should yoink our gear.
  • NodeAudit2006

    • debrief
    • discussion
    • plan for continuation/completion
  • Repay Alexis and Seth (for their gas at NodeAudit2006) in beer, if they are present.

  • Mississippi: Can we do another friggin' roof already!?
    • Grand Central Bakery backhaul link test report (planned for wednesday afternoon)
    • Russell reports on repeater installs:
      • Quirks and Quandries (it and the store has disappeared, ought to track it down if we can)
      • Porch Light (yanked for poor performance as of today)
      • Muddy's
      • Mississippi Avenue Social Club
    • Russell reports on shortcomings of the repeater:
      • NAT
      • failure to set local access channel number correctly
    • Discussion of "Request for Restitution" status from August vandalism incident
  • Second FieldDay, October 28th. http://www.seattlewireless.net/2006wirelessfieldday

  • Your Item Here


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