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'''Roll Call:''' CalebPhillips,DonPark,RussellSenior[[BR]] '''Roll Call:''' CalebPhillips,DonPark,RussellSenior,TomFitz[[BR]]

Location: NodeCostellosBR Date and Time: February, 7, 2007 6:30pm-8:00pmBR Scribe: CalebPhillipsBR Roll Call: CalebPhillips,DonPark,RussellSenior,TomFitzBR


  • Finding natural allies: Postcards to NonProfits

  • Final planning for first PersonalTelcoUniversityOCR filming
  • Need to form a team to make website more accessible/useful
  • 501(3)(c) Stuff...?
  • Setup tunnel (or similar) for this node
  • Need a way we can bandwidth cap by macaddr or ip on missnet and elsewhere, so i don't have to blackhole people who are hammering the connection. Would have been useful (apparently) at UrbanGrind recently too.

  • If DonPark is coming, he should bring the NonProfitHandbook and some more PTP stickers.

  • Point out cool "How To Connect" card at NodePowellsTech: [http://www.smallwhitecube.com/images/phone/02-07-07_1336.jpg picture]

  • Pick location for next weekly
  • Your Item Here


  • Russell thinks postcards are a good idea, we will get small response, but some... Russell suggests that we utilize KBOO for meeting/activity announcements - Don thinks KBOO is good
  • PersonalTelcoUniversityOCR is filming this weekend - we will see how it goes
  • None of the people who (very much) want to fix the website showed up.
  • Caleb setup the tunnel and fixed DNS for too.
  • 501(c)(3): Don brought the handbook. Decide that we probably qualify as a PSO if we exempt the Mississippi Grant under the "Unusual Grant Exception". Inkind = Integra + FreeGeek + City; Individual Donations = Paypal + Membership; Paid Services = Adsense; Ratio = (InKind + Individual Donations) / Everything; If Ratio > 1/3 then we qualify as a PSO. Russell puts out a request to LITC (LowIncomeTaxpayerClinic) for Help.

  • Look into WonderShaper or LRTC.

  • Caleb points out the cool connect.
  • Don won't be at the next weekly. Decide to have next weekly NodeAmnesia so that we can play with LocalContent/Avahis.


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