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'''Location:''' NodeAnnabannanas[[BR]] '''Location:''' NodeAnnaBannanas[[BR]]

Location: NodeAnnaBannanasBR Date and Time: Wednesday, May 8th, 2007, 6:30pmBR Scribe: RussellSeniorBR Roll Call: SethShikora, RussellSeniorBR


  • Recrimp a tip and do some labelling.


  • CalebPhillips selected this location, since he hadn't visited it before. Naturally, he had a conflict (climbing Mt Hood) and couldn't make it.

  • Russell recrimped the tip that plugs into eth1 (the run to the upstairs AP) and labelled the NICs and cat5 hopefully to prevent the random rewiring that tends to occur if there is an outage. The ethernet cable to the upstairs has a plastic core with a "+" cross-section that separates the twisted pairs, a variety Russell hadn't seen before. Also had some uniquish pair colors. Still, it was working when he finished.
  • Counter-guy says they'd been contacted by HBO or something. Said they wanted to block certain ports but didn't know which.
  • Russell and Seth chat about various things while waiting to see if anyone else was coming.


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