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'''Roll Call:''' TroyJaqua,RussellSenior,Stephan,MichaelWeinberg,CalebPhillips[[BR]] '''Roll Call:''' TroyJaqua,RussellSenior,StefanMintier,MichaelWeinberg,CalebPhillips[[BR]]
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 * ''Your Item Here''

Location: NodeFreshPotBR Date and Time: June 6, 2007 6:30pm-8:00pmBR Scribe: CalebPhillipsBR Roll Call: TroyJaqua,RussellSenior,StefanMintier,MichaelWeinberg,CalebPhillipsBR


  • Pick location for next weekly
  • Discuss MissNet todo list:

    • install new firmware
    • reset ballroom ciscos
    • re-aim ballroom antennas?
    • preparations for street fair


  • Met at NodeFreshPot, Russell starts loading the new metrix firmware onto his laptop, Troy starts digging up the Cisco information.

  • Relocate to the Ballroom building. Russell proceeds to flash metrix-ballroom. Caleb, Stephan and Mike climb on the roof to repoint cisco-ballroom-nw, while Troy continues to work on the Cisco.
  • Russell, Caleb, Stephan and Mike relocate to metrix-west and Russell reflashes it.
  • Troy heads up to check on the WgtRepeater he installed to see if it was getting better coverage

  • Russell, Caleb, Stephan and Mike climb on the Commons roof. Russell proceeds to flash the metrix-commons firmware onto metrix-ed successfully, but incorrectly. Luckily, the configuration flashed would cause it to isolate itself from the rest of the network, but still provide the local coverage needed to reprogram it again. Russell proceeds to flash the metrix-commons firmware onto metrix-commons.
  • Caleb, Stephan and Mike relocate to NodeAmnesia, while Russell hikes up to metrix-ed to reflash, which he does.

  • Russell joins the others at NodeAmnesia, where food and beer are consumed in a convivial atmosphere.


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