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 * July 31st NW Lucky Lab, NTEN Wireless Panel

Location: NodeWorldCup
Date and Time: Wednesday, July 9, 2008, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Scribe: DonPark
Roll Call: DonPark MikeBoyd Steve? ShawnWelter SamChurchill ChrisChen RobinParker RussellSenior MichaelWeinberg SethShikora


  • Pick location for next weekly
  • Discuss approaching elections, nominations, etc.
  • Discuss MississippiStreetFair and OSCON

  • PR Tips
  • Your Item Here


  • $35 allocated to register for Art on Alberta street fair, Sep 12th
  • Next meeting: SE LuckyLab

  • Todo: Order new checks with correct address; add signatory
  • DonPark nominated to the board by Mike W. noms, Russell Seconds

  • ChrisChen nominated to the board by Don P. no seconds

  • RobinParker 'stay positive' when talking about PTP on the interwebs. 'dont argue', thank them for their interest and invite them to a meeting. ideas:

    • an 'OpEd' piece. Audience: 'conversions'.

    • Public Access Cable show, syndicated on youtube.
    • KBOO show.
    • ThisWeekInTech-style weekly podcast - SamChurchill

  • MichaelWeinberg is talking to 'FreeWire' as possible transport between New Columbia housing and a datacenter

  • PTP has a new banner
  • July 31st NW Lucky Lab, NTEN Wireless Panel


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