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'''Roll Call:''' SamChurchill, JoeChristiensen, ChrisChen '''Roll Call:''' SamChurchill, JoeChristensen, ChrisChen

Location: NodeIntegrity
Date and Time: Wednesday, September 17, 2008, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Scribe: MichaelWeinberg
Roll Call: SamChurchill, JoeChristensen, ChrisChen


  • Pick location for next weekly
  • Come up with potential topics for PTP monthly presentations.
  • Your Item Here


  • Potential Presentations
    • Debate: Internet Access vs. a Network
    • WiMax State of the Industry: Clearwire, Unlicensed Providers.

    • Meraki, OpenMesh, Roofnet, OLSR, other mesh protocals

  • Sam and Joe talk satellite antennas.
    • Joe recently purchased a DataStorm dish from military surplus. It does satellite uplink, and is considered consumer grade. Not useful for his purposes, though some other DataStorm dishes can do guaranteed bandwidth through a few providers.

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