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'''Location:''' Coalition Brewing Pub, 2724 SE Ankeny<<BR>> '''Location:''' NodeCoalition, 2724 SE Ankeny<<BR>>
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'''Roll Call:''' MattKlug, WilliamWheeler, TedBrunner, RussellSenior, KeeganQuinn, Serena, GabrielleRoth<<BR>> '''Roll Call:''' MatthewKlug, WilliamWheeler, TedBrunner, RussellSenior, KeeganQuinn, Serena, GabrielleRoth<<BR>>

Location: NodeCoalition, 2724 SE Ankeny
Date and Time: Wednesday, October 19, 2011, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Scribe: RussellSenior
Roll Call: MatthewKlug, WilliamWheeler, TedBrunner, RussellSenior, KeeganQuinn, Serena, GabrielleRoth


  • Pick location for next weekly
  • Review status of NodeArborLodge

  • Opportunities for grant applications to fund installation in Arbor Lodge Park
  • Other new node opportunities
  • PSU student film crew making a documentary about free wifi in Portland
  • Your Item Here


  • Arrived and immediately got introduced to Ben, the manager, and went to work attempting to diagnose and fix their network. They have Comcast. There are two cable modems connected via a splitter. I think that's possibly the root of their problem. There is a newer cable modem, with phone jacks and one ethernet jack, and an older cable modem with 4 ethernet ports. I could connect to Comcast's activation page if I plugged into the new modem, could get DHCP, etc. However, we do not have the activation information. The manager, Ben, asked me to put things back the way they were, which I did. We'll try again at a less busy time. I left my contact information.
  • Reported on NodeArborLodge, the recent expansion and also the opportunity to apply for a community grant. Deadline for applications is November 1.

  • Reported on the opportunity to make more robust NodeFirstUnitarian. I am meeting with Gardner tomorrow. Also meeting with the PSU film students.

  • WilliamWheeler asked about the NodeBasementPub

  • WilliamWheeler also mentioned a recent change in regulations that may allow the use of 2-meters packet radio to move bits for PTP nodes. This met with general interest in exploring and experimenting around this.

  • GabrielleRoth was encouraged to come again, and to encourage others in the Portland Tech Community to consider hosting a node. I suggested that the community minded geeks in town really ought to be in the vanguard, and yet with some notable exceptions, they are not yet. This really ought to change.

  • Keegan was encouraged to investigate new stickers and business cards. I mentioned how much I like our current cards, but also that they were expensive. I need to find my supply, as my laptop bag is out of cards.
  • Probably more things I am forgetting, please add!


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