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  * Node??? -- TedBrunner has a possbility - near Arbor lodge - Martin and Jenn.
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 * report from nyc mesh

Location: NodeBeulahLand
Date and Time: Wednesday, August 2, 2017, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Scribe: You
Roll Call: RussellSenior,TedBrunner,MatthewKlug,JasonBergstrom,TomasKuchta


  • Next weekly in Vancouver
  • Node notes:
    • NodeBeulahLand -- check connectivity to the rooftop devices.

    • NodeEdison -- another VZA Homes node coming soon, a gateway and two or three NanoStations (maybe two M2's and an M5?), gateway in the basement, maybe also an MR24 in the basement.

    • NodeRigler -- had an outage last week, seems it was a bad power supply, replaced.

    • NodePotatoChampion -- still haven't heard from Mike.

    • NodeGreenNoise -- need to try to make contact.

    • NodeCommunitecture -- still offline.

    • Node??? -- MatthewKlug has a new node possibility. 321 NE Knott St.

    • Node??? -- TedBrunner has a possbility - near Arbor lodge - Martin and Jenn.

  • Dismantled a bunch of SkyPilots over the weekend, thanks Tomas, Ted and Jason! Have only 4 extenders and 4 gateways left intact. The smaller board from the SkyPilot, with the PPC chip, is worth $1.20/lb, maybe $40 total, but needs to be driven to Tualatin ... maybe will forego the cash and just give them to Free Geek instead.

  • Talked to Lewis and Clark legal clinic again.
  • report from nyc mesh
  • Your Item Here



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