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  * Russell deleted MattIsMyMyName, Cornerstone, MoreRerun
  * MaryVogel is now on Comcast Lifeline

Location: NodeLuckyLabSW
Date and Time: Wednesday, August 8, 2018, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Scribe: You
Roll Call: RussellSenior,JasonBergstrom,SteveTree,MatthewKlug


  • Pick location for next weekly
  • Schedule AnnualBoardMeeting2018

  • Install two Meraki MR24 as access points, replacing the WZR600DHP at the node, after the food rush has died down.
  • Your Item Here


  • Node notes
  • Russell had a call with TaraBurke at National Center for Smart Growth

    • Academic group in Baltimore, not significant tree issues, but no interest in Municipal networks
  • Russell on the road the next two weeks, next week likely Tap&Table and the following week LuckyLabNW

  • Can Ted make the monthly? We will try to have the AnnualBoardMeeting2018 then


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