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 * Next week's meeting is at NodeLuckyLabNorth, future meeting on Woodstock (NodeLutz or DoubleMountain)

Location: NodeGooseHollow
Date and Time: Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Scribe: You
Roll Call: RussellSenior,TedBrunner,JasonBergstrom,SteveTree


  • Pick location for next weekly
  • OSUOSL -- Ben's old 1950 is ready to go into Stephouse/Wiline, with forked versions of knod and iris (the latter with cacti turned off) to get us through the transition
  • Node notes:
    • NodeRigler -- was offline for a few days (billing issue?), back since Monday at 14h00.

    • NodeMohawk and NodeWygant -- down for a few hours in the middle of the night, looks like an ISP outage

    • NodeTwentyThirdTap -- was looking flakey for a few days, better since about 16h30 Tuesday.

  • CT-12 mailed last Wednesday
  • P.O. Box is renewed for a year ($106 paid online)
  • OSCON -- Russell needs to reply with infos
  • Your Item Here


  • Russell is going to BattleMesh and elsewhere in Europe - Russell granted 1K euro travel support, provided video by May 10, July 8-14th

  • Appointment to be arranged with WiLine for host exchange, Russell has replacement ready with minimal (website/DNS/tunnels)

  • OSCON - Russell and Steve staffing booth, try to incorporate Municipal Broadband - need logo + 50 word description
  • Node notes:
    • NodeMohawk and NodeWygant - brief outages seems like non-billing Comcast issue

    • NodeRigler - billing issue, users were on later, not

    • NodeTwentyThirdTap - recovered on its own, Travis also responded he was on ation

    • NodeLionsEye - Credit Card Vendor complained closeouts wanted to do dial-up, but they connected to Comcast modem, net SSIDs removed, Russell suggested a shorter ethernet cable

  • Next week's meeting is at NodeLuckyLabNorth, future meeting on Woodstock (NodeLutz or DoubleMountain)

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