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 * Report on Ubiquiti LiteBeam AC Gen2 and installing OpenWrt.

Location: Jitsi
Date and Time: Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 5:30pm-8:00pm
Scribe: You
Roll Call: Them


  • Pick location for next weekly
  • Node notes:
    • NodeEd -- this is the roof at the north end of the Mississippi Grant Project. We contacted by Ed on Monday, Russell visited on Tuesday to investigate why the node was not working, discovered that the LED on the PoE injector was not illuminated. Russell tried plugging in a new one, its LED "blinked" at a regular interval, but he saw no link to a USB-ethernet adapter in his laptop, implying that the Soekris net4826 board on the roof was either not being successfully powered, or the ethernet was not fully intact, or was not successfully booting. It was left plugged in, in case the board was powered and could be seen over wireless. On reviewing the observables from rocket-commons and metrix-ballroom, there was no evidence of the 5GHz radio functioning. Ed mentioned that they'd installed a new roof a year or two ago, and perhaps the ethernet was damaged. Russell suggested two things:

      • return with our fancy Fluke tester and see if there is a fault in the cable;
      • return in the future, replace the Soekris net4826 and run a new cable (or two) to a modern backhaul and a local coverage device, sadly not in a single device package. Ed has a scary roof, so some organizing of protection would make it easier to conform to the "Do Not Fall" clause of our bylaws. We could potentially recruit Caleb's friend who helped us out the last time.
    • NodeSherrett -- considering a visit this weekend to install a public-access radio on the house, as we intended last ... whenever that was.

  • Report on Ubiquiti LiteBeam AC Gen2 and installing OpenWrt.

  • AnnualMembersMeeting in one week, will elect a single member of the BoardOfDirectors

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