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'''FiresideCoffeeLodge''' 21 January 2003 [[BR]]
'''Scribe:''' AaronBaer [[BR]]
'''Time:''' 1-January-2003 Start: 19:00:00 PST End: 20:21:00 PST

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'''Role call:'''
## wiki name where available. here are some current regulars. do a head count of the room too.

## DaveJensen, Alina Jensen, SamChurchill, Dat N., LonnieWormley, DonPark, DarrinEden, AdamShand, JerrittCollord, AaronJohnson, AaronBaer, AndrewWoods, BrianBeattie, LonnieWormely, AdamShand, NatP, DarrinEden, EugeneKeam, Dat

AaronJohnson, AaronBaer, AndrewWoods, BrianBeattie, LonnieWormely, AdamShand, Nat, DarrinEden, EugeneKeam, Dat

## fill in items pre-meeting and subitems during the meeting.

* Lake Oswego Node (3 Minutes)

     -- Email from Alina, Lonnie contacted and will find out more information 1/22/2003

     -- Coffee shop interested in Free Public Node, interested in Cost for Hardware and Support to maintain the node.

* N.E. Apartment Node (15 Minutes)

     -- Trying to set something up for this week to talk about setting up nodes. Multi-Story buildings. Lonnie will be starting contact to find out more information about what they are looking for and interested in. Lonnie's visit is hoping to provide information and education.

     -- Are we to be here as an Education resource, an FAQ.. Discussion raised about what we want to do in this situation or if we want to help install this kind of node.

* Pioneer Courthouse Node Hardware Upgrade (5 Minutes)

     -- We need to schedule the installation. Adam has contact information to set it up. No reason to delay, Normal business hours, two people ideal three max, Familiar face, Brian and Darren get the tap. Adam will review hardware and give the OK for install.

* Passing Sensitive Contact Information (10 Minutes)

     -- Do not post private contact information to a public list. The Admin list is a public list.

     -- What do we do with contact information? Where do we do that? How do we pass off information after the initial contact has been made and it's time to pass off to OPs. Keep the information off of the public list, keep information general on list and then sensitive information is passed directly when someone is identified as the OPs contact.

* PTP Fragmentation (25 Minutes)

     -- PTP is becoming fragmented and clique. Inter-friendship support. More and more private lists are happening. There is a need for this but not how the Over all organization should run. Need for faster inclusion into more in depth group involvement.

     -- As organization serving the public as large. there should be as few secrets as possible. Everything, or a close to everything as possible, has to be public. Squabbles and disagreements should be kept public.

     -- How to move as much as possible back into the public lists?

     -- "Community groups work because people are Honest" -- AdamShand

     -- How do we cross post sensitive information between groups?

     -- Keep things as Transparency as possible.

     -- Mailing lists compressed: General (Admin folded into General), Ops, Announce, Board

     -- Meeting minutes will be announced to the Announce List, New node announcements, and Monthly Meeting announcements. (AaronBaer vol. to Admin Announce List) Scribe is going to contact Annou. Admin. with Meeting Minutes (weekly/montly)

     -- AndrewWoods is going to Watch the Wiki

* Durpal (7 Minutes)

     -- Adam has been to busy to do much. People have been looking at it.

     -- Investigating Themes, and getting our logo onto the Durpal site.

     -- Migrating Wiki to Durpal will be a big project. An evening of 10ish people copying information over and cleaning up the crud.

* Static Content (2 Minutes)

     -- The important part of that work is the content.

* Project Stumptown (15 Minutes)

     -- We talked about it.

* Guest Speaker for Monthly Meeting (5 Minute)

    --Ok in writing regarding recording and broadcasting. Need to be ready at 6:30. Meeting will start at 6. Setting up Possible speaker for the month after, Joshua from ATT Comcast (maybe)

## * second item
## * subitem
## * subitem

'''Next meeting:'''
## * Facilitator - rotate this duty through the group, decide who is doing it the week before
## * Scribe - do we want a separate scribe and facilitator, AaronJohnson has found this works well in other consensus based groups. (sounds good to me -- AdamShand)
## * Time - 7pm
## * Date - 21 Jan 2003
## * Location - LinuxFund, for example. sometimes FireSide

* Facilitator:

* Scribe:

* Time - 7pm

* Date - January 28th, 2003

* Location - LinuxFund

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