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* PCHS Hardware Upgrade * PSCH Hardware Upgrade 
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* New Nodes? * New Nodes
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* Guest Speaker for Monthly Meeting (1 Minute) * Transparency

* Building Build out

* Guest Speaker for Monthly Meeting (5 Minute)

FiresideCoffeeLodge 21 January 2003 BR Scribe: wiki name of notetaker BR Time: document actual meeting time not what was planned


Role call:

Nat P., AaronJohnson, AaronBaer, AndrewWoods, BrianBeattie, LonnieWormely, AdamShand


* Lake Oswego Node (3 Minutes)

  • -- Email from Alina, Lonnie contacted and will find out more information 1/22/2003 -- Coffee shop interested in Free Public Node, interested in Cost for Hardware and Support to maintain the node.

* N.E. Apartment Node (15 Minutes)

  • -- Trying to set something up for this week to talk about setting up nodes. Multi-Story buildings. Lonnie will be starting contact to find out more information about what they are looking for and interested in. Lonnie's visit is hoping to provide information and education. -- Are we to be here as an Education resource, an FAQ.. Discussion raised about what we want to do in this situation or if we want to help install this kind of node.

* PSCH Hardware Upgrade

* New Nodes

* Transparency

* Building Build out

* Guest Speaker for Monthly Meeting (5 Minute)

  • --Ok in writing regarding recording and broadcasting. Need to be ready at 6:30. Meeting will start at 6. Setting up Possible speaker for the month after, Joshua from ATT Comcast (maybe)

Next meeting:


a link to admin@personaltelco.net when your finished.


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