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See you there!

See you there! -- AdamShand

The core Personal Telco members meet once a month to drink, chat and generall discuss the future of community networking.

The meetings are small, casual, open to all and (sometimes) focused on things that are important. If you would like to come along and meet the crew, especially if you have skills or resources you'd like to offer to the group please feel free to drop by and say hi.

Dates and locations are normally announced on Monday and the meetings are normally on Tuesday or Thursday night.

See you there! -- AdamShand

Weekly Meeting Agenda

New Topics

  • Warehouse Space (Update ...)
  • Idea's for PlacesToUnwire

  • Free limited access. Good, bad, stupid.
  • Non-profit (DSL, ISP, general incorporation, co-op etc)
  • New Wiki Software / Site Software
  • Drew on Splash pages and spam language
  • InstallFest maybe w/ FreeGeek and PLUG (JerrittCollord)

  • Logo Discussion (LonnieWormley)

  • Maintaining accounts/permissions on group servers.
  • Either centralized (ldap etc) or decentralized (nigel's respon for hostel, $
  • Core mailing list (deprecate setup? if not how to reorg.)
  • Stickers shipping
  • Etech
  • Stickers
  • Anarchist, Criminal, Parasite (freenetworks.org :-)

  • SPB expo ... use the van?

Report from the Special Interest Groups

Action Topics

  • Need Linux bootable CD/Floppy w/ Host AP and NoCatAuth pre-installed

  • ESSID standardization and what is a node

Resolved Topics


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