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The core PersonalTelco members meet once a week to drink, chat and generally discuss the future of community networking in PortlandOregon.

The meetings are small, casual and open to all. Occasionally they focused on things that are important ;). If you would like to come along and meet the crew, especially if you have skills or resources you'd like to offer, please feel free to drop by and say hi.

Meetings are held on Tuesday's and are typically at LinuxFund (downtown) and start at 6:30PM. Details are normally informally passed around if there's changes. If you want to come and aren't sure where/how to come track someone down and they'll help you out.

The WeeklyMeetingAgenda is always available online, if there is something you'd like discussed please add the topic to the "new items" heading with your name attached.

See you there! -- AdamShand

Past meetings notes are here (this may be an incomplete list):


[CategoryPersonalTelco], [CategoryMeetingNotes]

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