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 * PCS status/hostap version

Meeting Details

Long Term Projects or Unclaimed Ideas

  • AdamShand: Use affero.org for reputation management stuff. Good for pledge drives etc.

  • AustinSchutz: is working on filter for the general list to shape signal/noise ratio. He will notify us when he has something to play with.

  • DarrinEden: Adhocracy. Oh hold for Darrin's trip. Developement using Zope is continuing. Jpublish/Tomcat abandoned.

In the Queue

New Items for Discussion

  • LonnieWormley: Bone and EasyStreet

    • They have agreed to co-locate for free in exchange for some baners on the website and email tag.
    • They need to know server deminsions and bandwidth usage.
  • AdamShand: General status update. How's things going?

  • AdamShand: Anti-corporate shit.

  • PCS status/hostap version

Resolved Items and Notes

Next Meeting Details


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