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AndrewWoods, TomOfferman - PolicyCommittee AndrewWoods, TomOffermann - PolicyCommittee
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=== Old Business ===  === Old Business ===

Each WeeklyMeeting agenda page is maintained as WeeklyMeetingYYYYMMDD. A list is [http://www.personaltelco.net/index.cgi/FindPage?action=titlesearch&value=weeklymeeting here], or you can search wiki page titles (at the bottom of every page) for 'WeeklyMeeting'

New Business

AndrewWoods, TomOffermann - PolicyCommittee

Old Business

MusashiHybrid - Radio ad to increase PTP awareness using non-profit radio stations i.e. KBOO, KBPS etc. Broadcast out the dates/topics for the monthly meeting and other events, new nodes turn ups etc.

MusashiHybrid - Public Access Cable project to broadcast PTP projects, node turn ups, play days, educational days, monthly meetings, etc.?

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