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 * Scribe:
 * Role call:
 * Scribe: AdamShand
 * Role call: AndrewWoods, JerrittCollord, AaronBaer, AaronJohnson, TomOffermann, LucasSheehan, TomHiggins, BrianBeattle, AdamShand
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 * AdamShand: will draft membership agreement for board meeting next week.
 * AdamShand: send announce to annouce list stating upcoming membership drive at the May monthly meeting (and at all weekly/monthlies after that).
 * AdamShand: determine presidential nomination process (suggestion 5 nominations)
 * AdamShand: Confirm at board meeting that election will be at July monthly and change over will be at August (this gives one month change over time)
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 * LonnieWormley - Summer party organization.
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 * TomHiggins: has been deputized to make/do new zope/cmf/plone. he will have a beta site ready for 13th may.
 * TomHiggins: will investigate donation options for PTP. eg. Natures donates X% of purchases to charity of your choice. FundRaising. Will present options on the 13th.
 * NatPowning: Rocky Butte Access Point hardware and setup
 * TomHiggins: has been deputized to make/do new zope/cmf/plone. going slowly, demo available [http://www.personaltelco.net:9763/ptpplone/ here]. partial wiki migration, calendar, nav bar, trouble tickets for next meeting.
 * TomHiggins: will investigate donation options for PTP. Register with help from Lucas.
 * NatPowning: Rocky Butte Access Point hardware and setup. Have all the parts together.
 * BrianBeattie: Rebuild South Park Blocks Soekris.
 * AndrewWoods/LonnieWormley - New web site look'n'feel. Work with TomHiggins for access.
 * TomHiggens: Hostel status check.
 * JerrittCollord: GeoWiki. Show center point. Plot links. Consolidate status to NodeStatus.
 * AndrewWoods: New splash pages. Roll out on PioneerSquare, Hostel, Heaven, South Park Blocks. Get to Brian for BeWitched
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 * JerrittCollord: GeoWiki etc
 * AndrewWoods: New splash pages.
 * AdamShand: Projects needing help page and getting volunteer database in general.
 * AdamShand: Once over the election stuff.

==== Resolved Items and Notes ====
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==== Resolved Items and Notes ====
 * There will be a board meeting instead of a weekly on the 6th of May.
 * Earthunplugged: Dat/Steven said that this is a seperate project and they will no longer represent it as a solution to PTP's list problems.
 * Discussed membership requirements. Rough first pass says requirements for membership are own node (must have ssid, splash page?, show user agreement, be open) or board exemption or cash, must have sponsor, agree not to sue if they pull a "flickenger". Benefits are port 25 unblocked, pledge drive immunity and maybe more bandwidth.
 * Discussed mountain access to cooperate with SeattleWireless snownet project. If you know people with access to mountains going north let us know!
 * Adam has redone the weekly meeting template. Please try and use the new system, he promises that it's better. :-)
 * AdamShand: Once over the election stuff.
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 * Date: 13 May 2003  * Date: 20 May 2003

Meeting Details

Long Term Projects or Unclaimed Ideas

  • AdamShand: Use affero.org for reputation management stuff. Good for pledge drives etc.

  • AustinShutz: is working on filter for the general list to shape signal/noise ratio. He will notify us when he has something to play with.

  • DarrinEden: Adhocracy. Oh hold for Darrin's trip. Developement using Zope is continuing. Jpublish/Tomcat abandoned.

In the Queue

New Items for Discussion

Resolved Items and Notes

Next Meeting Details


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