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Hello, world. Welcome to my wiki ptp page!

http://www.pdxwireless.org is the local web site for node registration and mapping that I run.

At home in my apartment building, I am connected 100% wireless to a DSL connection 3 floors up. Two Lucent 11mbit/128bit cards & a indoor range extender make up the network.

As soon as all the parts are in order, I will be installing a Lucent directional yagi 14dB. I have

  • antenna
  • lightening arrestor
  • 75' LMR cable
  • IEEE pigtail
  • pcmcia wavelan NIC w/ external antenna jack

On order are some gender changers for the N type plugs.

My firewall is OpenBSD 2.7, the other end is Slackware Linux.

More to come! zetan


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