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4/10/02, by RobFlickenger.

This is FREE-ware. Do something FREE with it.

wpm, a Wireless Power Meter for Linux. http://nocat.net/download/wpm/

4/10/02, by RobFlickenger.

This is FREE-ware. Do something FREE with it.

It is intended to give you a nice signal strength meter for analyzing your wireless connection, and facilitate setting up point-to-point links.

This tool came to be because I was tired of the lack of decent link diagnostic tools for Linux. It will run in any terminal capable of displaying ANSI color (the Linux console, ETerm, Gnome Term, XTerm, Color RXVT, etc.) and gives you a nice, big signal strength bar and vital statistics.


  • Radio ethernet connection that uses the Linux Wireless extensions
  • The 'iwconfig' utility must be in your path
  • Perl 5 (or better, nothing but core modules)

To run, simply type './wpm'. To quit, hit Control-C.

There are some tuning parameters at the top of the file, like polling interval, link margin, and red/green thresholds. Use the Source, Luke!

No, this is NOT a NetStumbler-alike; it will only tell you how the connection between it and your AP is doing. You can use it in conjunction with the 'iwspy' utility to also monitor other radios in an Ad-Hoc (aka Peer-to-Peer) network. See 'man iwspy' for details on how to do this: It's terrific for proving point to point paths, and getting the antenna pointed *just right*.

Please keep in mind that this is something I threw together in a couple of hours. I already get too much email, so bug reports and cries for help will likely go unread. But if you have made it do something really cool, I'd like to get a copy. When I update it (if ever), I'll post it to http://nocat.net/download/wpm/



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