Adhocracy is a Rails application written by KeeganQuinn.

There used to be a Trac instance for Adhocracy, including trouble ticket system, wiki and Subversion repository, but it was lost in a tragic disk crash.

The software is running in production on the PersonalTelco webserver:

Adhocracy is a community-oriented network management tool which is intended to simplify a number of aspects of community networking, both technical and logistical. Currently, it is capable of managing many kinds of information about people (users), areas (zones), sites (nodes), network devices (hosts) and network interfaces.

It is able to generate some interesting maps and graphs as well as providing a consistent way to handle data.

The software is open-source, under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or later. Releases of Adhocracy are available for download:

Discussion, questions, comments and patches are always welcome; please contact KeeganQuinn.