Name: Al Hooton BR Email: arhspam at BR

Focused on greasing the skids with local businesses to host high-profile PTP nodes. If you have ideas for a nice public place you think should be unwired, let me know and I'll see if I can forge a path to businesses in that area from my contact list... we're all connected by at most 6 degrees of separation, right? 6 phone calls can happen pretty quickly... 8^)=

Gear I'm currently using includes Orinoco WaveLan Silver & Gold cards, MIG24 5DBi external antennas for the Orinoco cards, a couple [ Rg1000] gateways, and a LinksysWap11 AccessPoint every now and then (in between times that it bugs me and I throw it back on the shelf!). Planning to put up a strong node at my house as soon as we quit moving and settle in to a permanent place...

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