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I'm from wiki:Spack:AnchorageAlaska. Now, obviously, I'm in PortlandOregon.

i'm slowly moving toward establishing a PublicAccessPoint at 39th and powell, next to the safeway. ideal coverage includes the starbucks there, mocha express, and the blockbuster across powell. or at least, the open areas surrounding them.

i now have an unmodified RG-1000. if you're my neighbor, feel free to leech my 56k modem! Try to avoid deleting all of my mp3s. hah. actually, i managed to bork them myself. 2500 files, all of them named foundxxxx.chk. and i don't id3. chkdsk.exe sucks.

i've been working on WantedPages and CategoryPortland.

you can read my crappy blog (don't worry, i never talk about my inane life) at

if you want to know if a given mac address on the NodeStatusPage is me, my lucent silver card's mac is 00:02:2D:0D:E3:AB.

here is a list of stuff with my name on it:


the best: BR

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