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I'm from wiki:Spack:AnchorageAlaska. Now, obviously, I'm in PortlandOregon.

DWL-900AP+ and an rg-1000. if you're my neighbor, "don't" leech my ATTBI connection! Try to avoid deleting all of my mp3s.

you can read my crappy deprecated blog at you can read my crappy new blog at

if you want to know if a given mac address on the NodeStatusPage is me, I got an ibook, and my Airport mac is 00:30:65:0a:98:00.

my old lucent silver card's mac is 00:02:2D:0D:E3:AB.

I'm now the WikiWrangler. haha.

here is a list of stuff with my name on it:


the best: BR

sup dude

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