Name: Chad Patteson BR Homepage: BR Contact: or chad at tiltshift dot com. BR Node Map: BR Node Pictures: BR Node Info: Coverage just around my house. No WEP. Slow due to my 64Kb/s-256kb/s "longhaul" wifi link.BR Location: As of Aug. 2002, 59th and Klickitat (near Freemont) in NE Portland BR


Experieced with: GPS geocaching, photography (including 360-deg. panoramas) / videography, Omni-Sky for Palm, Windoze 3.1 to 2000, Macintosh 7.5 to OS X, basic *nix, Palm OS, basic Perl scripts, fighting spam, print and Web design, [ FreeGeek], [ GoBiodiesel] (Portland's biodiesel co-op), audio software and hardware, playing music (bass guitar and drums), making music using computers, J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, journalism, sailing, aviation, and world domination.


p.s. remember, [ "the airwaves belong to the people"].

Update: 10-Oct-2003 -- As of Fall 2002, all of my house's Internet connection is via a dedicated point-to-point 802.11b wifi link to ErikWalthinsen's node about 4 blocks away. He's using a roof-mount high-gain omni and a 200mW card to share his DSL. And I'm using a home-made cantenna ([ see]) and 3-foot pigtail connected to a Linksys WET11 (80mW) "Ethernet Bridge." The cantenna and WET11 are protected by a white plastic "garbage" bag and stealthily tied under one of the eves of the house. Since the bag is white, it's not very visible against the white house. "No unsightly equipment!" The connection is relatively slow (65Kb/s to 256Kb/s), apparently due to the weak signal strength. It could probably be improved with a better antenna on my end, but I'm satisfied right now. It's surprisingly good and reliable considering this is NOT a line-of-sight connection. There are about 3-4 houses, a dozen trees, and slight hill in the way. The WET11 has performed very well; I've only needed to reboot it about 2-3 times in the last 6 months (easy to reboot via the WET11's web interface). On the LAN side I have a Linksys WAP11 4-port Firewall/Router and running DHCP/NAT behind that. I love my worry-free wifi link! Thanks! Wow, I'm subverting the dominant paradigm!

Update: 29-Aug-2002 -- A few hours ago I attended the PTP meeting, bough my first wireless card and now at midnight I couldn't resist trying it out. Here I am at the corner of Market St. and Park, somewhere near the South Park Blocks node, and I'm SURFING friggin' WIRELESSLY!@#@! Thanks PTP crew!

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