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My node isnt up yet. I need some cash to get the gear to make the stuff do the thing..

I got involved in PTP from the article in computer bits. I found out I was close to node 12 AdamShand. I called him and we talked. Its all good right? We have been a little buisy, and adam moved about 4 blocks with me in the middle (higher ground! YAY!) so we might get a link up and running some time...

I recently got ispiried about the idea of using a PhasedArray. Read my brain dump there.. :) Also I started to document a mobile AP idea. it was backpackap but wiki droped the AP. OOPS! so now its BackPackAp For some reason im full of ideas today. Im working on an outline of the feability of using a fractional T1 line to bring backbone in to the wireless. see it at TeeOneLink. Sam pointed out after the recent BaWug meeting that was webcasted that we could make some useful informational videos or presentations. Im going to document that at InfoBits