The community database is the foundation for a set of applications that will serve the wireless community. The primary focus is a The database is currently implemented in SQL tables on postgresql.

community database take two. March 2003 AdamShand, JerrittCollord, AaronBaer, (insert your name here)

A one to one mapping between table A and table B - create a field in table A with attribute 'REFERENCES B'. the field contains a unique ID into table B. BR A one to many mapping between table A and table B - BR ""Plan A"" no field is required in table A, create a field in table B that contains the unique ID type of table A. Then add records in table B as needed which all point to the unique ID from table A BR ""Plan B"" Create a table called A_B that has two fields, uniqueID for A and uniqueID for B with attribute 'REFERENCES B'. Create a field in table A with attribute 'REFERENCES A_B'. Add an entry in table B. This will support cascading deletes since there is a path from a record in A to every record in B.BR

User Table BR Description

Table Relationships


Create Record BR

Delete Record BR

Node table BR Description

Table relationships


Indexes: node_nodeid_key unique btree (nodeid)

Check constraints: BR

DonPark and AdamShand are thinking about ways to create a SQL (or maybe LDAP or XML or something) schema which a community wireless group can use as a universal data collection point. We're trying to catalog everything we can think of that a community wireless group would want to keep track of (yes we know we're doomed to failure :-).


System for getting at the data


[] xml schema...