The community database is the foundation for a set of social software applications. The primary focus is a user roster, a node roster, and a whuffie/mojo calculation and management system. The database is currently implemented in SQL tables on postgresql.

community database take two. March 2003 AdamShand, JerrittCollord, AaronBaer, DonPark, (insert your name here)

User Table BR Description

Table Relationships


Create Record BR

Delete Record BR

Node table BR Description

Table relationships


Indexes: node_nodeid_key unique btree (nodeid)

Check constraints: BR

Table design notes:

When indexing one table to another table, ie when table A contains a foreign key from table B, follow these practices: BR

Community database take 1

DonPark and AdamShand are thinking about ways to create a SQL (or maybe LDAP or XML or something) schema which a community wireless group can use as a universal data collection point. We're trying to catalog everything we can think of that a community wireless group would want to keep track of (yes we know we're doomed to failure :-).


System for getting at the data


[] xml schema...