What Is Behind The Personal Telco Project?

The question is often asked “Ok so what are you folks really trying to do?” There is no simple answer as each of the members that make up the PTP brings to the group their own slant and predilection on what indeed they are really trying to do in the PTP. Over the years there have been a few documents, not created by our group, that most of us can agree form some of what can be termed the “core elements” of the PTP.

The Wireless Commons Manifesto was an early document drafted by several of the key players in community networking , the PTP's first president Adam Shand was one of them. The document set forth the goals and definitions for what community network could become. Year many have passed since its writing but it still rings true.

The FreeNetworks Peering Agreement was created by the members of FreeNetworks.org, an organization the PTP is proud to be a part of. FreeNetworks.org is a volunteer cooperative association dedicated to education, collaboration, and advocacy for the creation of FreeNetworks. Participating groups show solidarity and support the cause by building a network that follows the FreeNetworks Peering Agreement.

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