About Me

Hello, I am Dan Rasmussen. My personal website is http://danrasmussen.org/. I'm on Google+, https://www.google.com/profiles/dan.rasmussen and Twitter: @dhrasmus.


(in no particular order)


Macro Test Bed

Use macros by surrounding them with double angle brackets.

Macro: RecentChangesList


Actually, pages in which DanRasmussen comes up in text. Some way to show most recent pages edited by DanRasmussen? That would be more useful.

Macro: RecentChanges()

Takes up a lot of space! Possible to limit output? See RecentChanges


an index of all page titles. Disabled on PTP wiki (why?), but embeddable in any page.


an index of all words in page titles. See WordIndex. Disabled on PTP wiki (why?), but embeddable in any page.

Macro: WantedPages

list links to non-existent pages. See WantedPages

Macro: OrphanedPages

list pages no other page links to. See OrphanedPages

Macro: AbandonedPages

See AbandonedPages Quite a long list! Many PTP wiki pages haven't been edited forever - eg historical meeting notes. Wonder what the cut-off date is for this function...

Macro: RandomPage

Here's a random page: AnnualBoardMeeting2015

=== Macro: RandomPage(integer) ==== Here's several random pages:


  1. It can be as simple as this! (1)