About Me

Hello, I am Dan Rasmussen. My personal website is http://danrasmussen.org/. I'm on Google+, https://www.google.com/profiles/dan.rasmussen and Twitter: @dhrasmus.


(in no particular order)


Macro Test Bed

Use macros by surrounding them with double angle brackets.

Macro: RecentChangesList

Macro: RandomPage(integer)

Several random pages:

Macro: RandomPage

Here's a random page: NodeSunLotus

Macro: FullSearchCached()

Pages in which DanRasmussen comes up in text. Some way to show most recent pages edited by DanRasmussen? That would be more useful.

Macro: RecentChanges()

Takes up a lot of space! Possible to limit output? See RecentChanges

Macro: TitleIndex

an index of all page titles. Disabled on PTP wiki (why?), but embeddable in any page.

Macro: WordIndex

an index of all words in page titles. See WordIndex. Disabled on PTP wiki (why?), but embeddable in any page.

Macro: WantedPages

list links to non-existent pages. See WantedPages

Macro: OrphanedPages

list pages no other page links to. See OrphanedPages

Macro: AbandonedPages

See AbandonedPages Quite a long list! Many PTP wiki pages haven't been edited forever - e.g. historical meeting notes. Wonder what the cut-off date is for this function...


  1. It can be as simple as this! (1)