Name: Drew WhittleBR Email: Node Info: Have node using FHSS 2Mb cards running between my house and my garage so i can watch streaming porn close to my power tools. In the planning stage of wir(eless)ing several houses in my street to share a broadband connection. I'm involved in DunWireless.BR

I now have a couple of Nokia C110 802.11b cards and have them working under Linux, I had to make a couple of minor changes to the source to get them to work. I would not recommend these cards to people for various reasons. (ie binary driver, low power out, some Linux wireless tools do not work.

I have a node running at home and will be putting one in the DunLUG clubrooms, I am also attempting to get the ok to put one in at work.

You can see the approximate location of these nodes in NodeDB, BR

The nodes InnaHole, WingNut, GlassHouse, and TinShed are under my control.