--Erik Walum--

Internet Systems Ninjaneer for [http://www.verio.net Verio Inc.] by day, technophile maniac by night.

My personal homepage can be found at [http://www.esew.net esew.net], and I'm the sole proprieter of [http://www.smartmonkey.org Smartmonkey dot Org].

I've recently purchased a [http://www.obsolyte.com/dec/multia/ DEC Multia] (2 onboard side-by-side pcmcia slots on a non-laptop machine) and 3 lucent gold 802.11b cards. I'll be leading the effort on getting a BSD access point set up with this hardware.

I'm located in SE Portland and am looking for others in the area who want to collaborate on getting some unidirectional wireless connectivity set up.

You can reach me at esew@esew.net.

added 3.23.2001

Well, I gave up on OpenBSD in favor of linux as OpenBSD still has orinoco driver issues. I'm now running RedHat Lunix on the multia and it's working great. Give me a holler if you have questions about this setup.