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I'm currently the region captain for North Portland and all other locations outside the city. Please contact me if you have any questions on installing a wireless node in these areas or are having issues with your current setup. My phone number can be found on the contact page.


One weekend in January I decided to put a box together that had all the means to scan for wireless networks, of which I could create maps from with ease and even allow others to borrow for site surveys, etc..

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It has a long way to go as it's obviously far from efficient even from the looks of it. Lack of time was the main reason for this. The USB mayhem, as you can see, will be sorted out. The other (unimportant) hardware will be removed out when things progress. As for 'feedback', the little piezo speaker on the Routerboard beeps each time a network is found. This is the only thing I could come up with that allows the user to know it's in operation. The software state isn't that great either. I quickly hacked/stripped [ Pebble] with all the latest wireless drivers, kismet, kernel, etc., but it's using debian which is too much bloat for such a simple concept here. Soon I'll be creating something from scratch that will at least boot faster, currently the main issue, and of course reduce the image size. For now, however, it has been working fine since the initial build back in January and I guess as a consequence, no other work has been done with the project.




Some other wireless-related items I've been working on:

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