Debian Linux

at boot prompt: "bf24" (start 2.4 kernel vs. 2.2)

select Language and keyboard

hard disk (/dev/hda) Create swap partition (128M) Root partition --bootable (128Mb) logic partition (.5 Gig) 2nd logic (.5 Gig) home (whatever is left over) ---all FS type Linux exect swap---linux swap

Init swap partition init pri (ext3) mount root filesystem

repeat above for var,usr,and home

kernel install

configure device drivers (devices/net) nic (de4x5)

configure network

make system bootable --mbr


set time set root pwd remove pcmcia packages? yes

atp configuration ---edit by hand

"deb unstable main" per Keegan: using unstable means just that..if you have issues....take a 24hr breather and attempt again

no additional sources no security updates

run taskel? --no

deselect? --no

update configuration file? yes

Configuring debconf select Readline select medium don't touch keymap system wide readible directories? yes serial--autosave once

upgrade glibc? Y

update system? yes

mail config? / 5

mandb? --yes

rebuild database? --yes

erase any additional .deb files? --yes

"apt-get update"

"apt-get install deborphan"


"dbkp -P <all packages listed ---space in between>"

"deborphan -a"

"dpkg -P <all packages you don't want>"

"deborphan -a"

repeat several times to ensure all packages are removed that you don't want

NoCat Setup

To Be Continued............