Keith Lofstrom

I'm a rank newbie, showed up for my first PTP meeting July 23. Learn one, do one, teach one --- I'm still on step 1.

I don't have a node running yet. I have a household connection to Comcast cable (I can't get DSL here). Multiple machines running Redhat Linux 7.3 through 9.0, one Sun Ultra running Solaris 9. Lose98 running on three machines under Win4lin, no native M$ machines. Heaps of ethernet cables running everywhere.

My laptop is a Thinkpad T30 1.8GHz with a Cisco Aironet MPI350 MiniPCI, not yet activated. The machine is running Redhat 9.0 with an updated kernel, 2.4.20-13.9 with some mods for Win4lin and some EE CAD dongle drivers :-( . I could use some help getting the Cisco running (as of July 23, 2003).

I have a Siemens Speedstream Wireless DSL/Cable Router, SS2624, which I have fired up and not yet configured. It is a 20mW beasty, probably not good enough for a PTP node (and there's that pesky Comcast limitation, too). I'll fiddle with a connection to my internal network, WEP'ed, then figure out some way to meet Comcast's restrictions and still serve the community.

I am located near Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway and Jamieson. I could be throwing bits at the local businesses (Mcdonalds, Round Table Pizza, Bimart, KFC, many others) if there was some way to pay for a business connection to Comcast.

I am a mixed-signal integrated circuit design consultant. is my consulting business. When I am not consulting, I fiddle with a web page at . I prefer getting my email at .