JimThompson and GlennFleishman will be speaking.

Jim is the Chief Architect at ["Vivato"], and he has ample experience with engineering wireless networks. He'd like you to know that he bakes a mean croissant and that he's trapped in Spokane, longing for the Parisian-lite appeal of Portland.

Glenn Fleishman claims to spend most of his waking hours thinking about technology, mostly wireless, and how it all fits together with Jim's croissants. He has written two editions of The Wireless Networking Starter Kit, a book for intermediate users and small offices. Among Glenn's press credits is the Mac column in the Seattle Times, which makes him an expert on the way radio waves traverse pastel lucite.

Topics will be offered at the monthly, or divined using a new Wireless-Pundit Presentation Topic Detector from Belkin.

Special thanks to both our speakers for allowing me to abuse their bios.

See you there.

New Business

Weekly Structure Motion

Author: MichaelWeinberg

  1. Weeklies continue to be run in an "adhoc" fashion.
  2. One officer will be assigned to attend each weekly. If no officer is available, it will be announced prior to the meeting that none will be in attendance.
  3. The office present will take down a list of all points that are brought up that require a board decision. These minutes will be approved by a quorum of attendees prior to the end of the meeting.
  4. Points needed executive decisions will be addressed by the officers and board members at biweekly meetings. These will be scheduled by the officers and board members based on their schedules, and may vary in time from meeting to meeting. There must be enough people in attendance for a quorum.
  5. Executive decisions will be announced at monthlies, and then archived in the minutes of those meetings. Individual decisions may be announced by other means if they are time-sensitive.

Weekly Meeting Structure Alternation Motion

Author: TomHiggins

  1. Weeklies are held informaly every week, the day to be announced on the general mailinglist at some point before it is to happen.
  2. Members, Board and/or Executives may or may not show up.
  3. At said meetings Items are raised for Discussion and possibly to be moved to Action
  4. Items resolved to be done at said meetings are done so under the aegis of the "Just Do It" policy. Relsoution comes about if a Member or Members deem to take on the Action or Actions.
  5. The notes of the weeklies are posted to the list and to the wiki, as they have been done, wherein the Membership, Board and Executives can discus, disuade, disavow, approve, accelerate, aid or ignore the Discussion and Actions.
  6. The Monthly Meetings will be the time to review and reevaluate any Discusions or Actions the Members, Board or Executives so desire. This can include some, none or all of the Discusions and or Actions from the weeklies.