Welcome to the Personal Telco's Monthly Meeting Wednesday Novemberer 19th @ Urban Grind Coffee

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The IRC channel for the meeting is on server irc.freenode.net at channel #ptp.

The Photos of the meeting are [http://www.personaltelco.net/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=November-2003 on the PTP Photo Gallery]

This meetings audio is being broadcast by KeeganQuinn with [http://thebasement.org/ The Basement Productions]. Streaming server URL: http://personaltelco.net:8000/status.xsl BR The streaming server hosts a constant looping broadcast of the most recent meeting, and live audio when meetings are in progress. The streams are in a somewhat new format called [http://www.vorbis.com/ Ogg Vorbis] - some information about compatible players is available [http://thebasement.org/sound/vorbis_info here].

Recordings of past meetings are archived: http://ptp.thebasement.org/meetings/


November 19th, 2003:

6:00 pm:

LIVE MEETING NOTES: November 19th, 2003:

6:00 pm: About 40 people are gathering at Urban Grind for the monthly meeting. Nigel Ballard and Darin Eden, president of Personal Telco are at table in the front of the room here we go:

Daren: Welcome remarks.

Nigel: Introduces self and asks new people to introduce themselves. About 3 people introduced themselves.


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