Here is the beginnings of a membership agreement. It is not, nor intended to be, legaleze.

Comments welcome. -- AdamShand

Membership Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. To be eligable to be a member of Personal Telco you must either:
    1. Own and operate (exact terminology?) a hotspot which conforms to our NodeStandards.

    2. Own and operate a network repeater node which confirms to our NodeStandards.

    3. Get an honourary membership from the board of advisors.
    4. Pay an annual fee of $X. Does membership expire when you no longer have a node?
  2. You understand that physical activity and risk may be required as part of building network nodes. You agree not to hold Personal Telco liable for any harm that may result from activities either directly or indirectly related to the building of the network.
  3. That


  1. The active membership determines the leadership of Personal Telco. In accordance with our articles of incorporation and bylaws you will be entitled to vote on the board of directors.
  2. A feeling of self-worth. :-)

We hope to offer other benefits to members in the near future (examples: port 25 unblocked, splash page login for bandwidth precedence, pledge drive immunity etc).


  1. You understand that this is a living document and subject to changes. Personal Telco will attempt to contact you via email prior to any changes in requirements or responsibilities coming into effect. However ultimate responsibility for knowing the contents of the membership agreement lies with you.
  2. The most current version of the document will always be available at the below URL: