This page will serve as a central repository for proposals and decisions regarding our upcoming grant proposal. Please date your thoughts and leave your name. -MichaelWeinberg

At Hack Night, the following was outlined:

* Meyer Deadline Jan 15th. Answer within 3 mo. * Rooftop on N. Mississippi 4000 block * Requesting 6 MB DSL line donation (ISP to be announced) * VoIP phones in local businesses, other community gathering places * Community message board and other network services * Metrix or similar solution as backbone * AaronBaer will be lead for getting all tech info worked out * MichaelWeinberg will write grant proposal and oversee execution * Grant will be for 1 year, with first 6 mo. dedicated to buildout and last 6 mo. for tweaking and community education/outreach.

-MichaelWeinberg 11/11/04