This is a new node being created at 5th and Everett in Old Town/China Town about two blocks from the backspace node. It is located on a 6Mbps/768kbps Speakeasy DSL line and will be running 802.11g. For further information feel free to contact JimmySchmierbach or KeeganQuinn

Status: [ AP debian box in develpoment ]


Public IP address assigned to PTP node 596. (

Nocat and personaltelco configs installed.

Kernel compile and wireless NIC modules.

Tested ath_pci driver and NIC tested in master mode.

Hook up external antenna and establish link to WAP

Setup 2nd AP and start testing for ability to repeat traffic from original WAP.


--> sporadic stability issues are occuring with madwifi, recompile kernel 2.6.7 and latest cvs of madwifi to try and correct problems.

use openvpn to bridge tap devices for OSI layer 2 transparency

Install node in final destination