As wireless groups grow in size a number, many people have implemented their own node database, ususally with a mapping system. This is a place to keep track of these projects to keep from reinventing the wheel. --DonPark BR Personal Telco's node db/mapping project. open to all. BR Global Access Wireless Database BR Interesting angle, they show a map of the nodes with no underlying topographical or political map. It does bypass the issue of where to get good map data. BR Boingo, a commercial venture, keeps a list of public access nodes. BR Current node map for Seattle Wireless. Judging from their [ Node Map Wiki Page], they aren't too happy with their solution and are considering rolling their own. --TomOffermann BR's software was based upon brismesh's software, with major revisions to the internal math functions and removal of all needed external binaries, covers to date 43 locations, with at least 1 location in every single state and territory on Australia.