We are always looking to improve this FAQ in order to make your experience using the Personal Telco nodes easier. If you are having problems and don't see the answer to your question below please add the question to the list below and somebody will answer it soon.

Happy surfing.


General Questions

  1. Q: Is this really a free internet site? Can I use it as much as I want? BR

    • A: You bet! This is a community wireless network provided to the public free of charge. Please remember that someone else is paying for the bandwidth so you can use it for free. Be respectful.
  2. Q: Why are you guys giving away free wireless internet? BR A: Well that's a bigger question then we have space for here. You might try browsing the web site for some insite into what it's all about. The short answer is because we think it's fun and a great way for geeks and local businesses to give back to the community they live in.

Trouble Shooting

  1. Q: Why am I having problems with my email? BR A: You should only be having problems with sending email. See the next question for details.

  2. Q: Why can't I send email from some nodes? BR

    • A: Most of the high profile public nodes (see CategoryNodes) have port 25 blocked which means that you can not send email. The reason for this is spam, it would be too easy for spammers to abuse the public internet access offered to spam even more people.

    The best solution is to use a free web based mail service like [http://www.mail2web.com/ Mail2Web] or [http://www.mollymail.com/ MollyMail] to send and recieve your mail. We working on some solutions to the problem which will allow you to still send your email but will stop the spammers from abusing the system.