Reviews of PTP Nodes and Hotspots.


I hit Coffee plant today with a compatriot to test out the connectivity.

First off, Very Very nice work on the info flyer. This is something that I think will get more penetration into the non tech/geek inclined crowd. It is branded with both t he host biz and the PTP, it is clear, simple and the text about the PTP is some of the best I have read. The top title grabs you and the rest flow to inform and educate without blowing out or off potential users. Are there plans to do this at UG and other biz hosts?

Second, after our drink and some surfing/socializing we walked over to the park across from the Coffee Plant. I got connectivity on the south east corner and a little into the eastern benches. Other areas were not LOS or had trees/water in the path. All and still, you can sit in that special section of the park and enjoy the day whilst surfing merrily along. Grab a cupojoe when you can though to show support of the bizhost.

Third, they got their punch cards in:)- Yea I know most folks dont deal with the "buy 10 get 1 free" thing, neither did I. Until, that is, I got married. I gota tell you, its a nice thing to occasionally get that bonus cup of joy juice.

Great site, cool host biz, coverage into a nearby park and a fantastic job at the outreach material..Thank you to everyone who put this one together.

- TomHiggins