This page is for sharing ideas for a "splash page" for our nodes, a web page that browsers will encounter when they first connect to a node. See the NoCatAuthWorkFlow page for details on how the page should work.

Here's a preliminary idea: --BillHolmstrom

Here's a quickie pasteup of the log-in over a map [] --SamChurchill

Here's a PTP favicon .ico file I made: [] (Take 2) --BillHolmstrom

[ Test page 01] -- LonnieWormley

Here is another test page. [ Test page 02]

This page has no floating boxes which is HTML 4.0. I have only used tables and form buttons, radio buttons, and form text boxes. The text in the boxes is copied from PersonalTelco page and [ EasyStreet] website. It is there only as a place holder.

This page is another test page that is a work in progress comments appreciated and as usual the HTML source is freely available. New PTP logo includes Portland Oregon and 'www'. I think that the URL and the state need to be bolder at low resolution and size as is the case with this page.

Buttons and text input fields do not work yet. I just tried to get all of Adam's pencil story board on a page so that we could work with it.

All text and logos are filler logos. -- LonnieWormley

[ Test page 03]

This page has external CCS and has a re-direct to a registration page. New users will register on the second page and existing users will have 15 seconds to log in. -- LonnieWormley