This page is for sharing ideas for a "splash page" for our nodes, a web page that browsers will encounter when they first connect to a node.

Here's a preliminary idea: --BillHolmstrom

It looks like a good start to me, but I am worried about creating any links on that page that are not from the local gateway machine... Remember until they login they don't have any access to the Internet. I almost think that once they login they should be forced to another page that explains more about the node with a button to click to go where they originally specified. What do other people think? --MichaelCodanti

You are absolutely right. It also isn't very good for handhelds. I've worked on it a bit more and hopefully it is closer to something we can use now. No outside links until they are all logged in. Still pretty rudimentary, though: Anyone else? --BillHolmstrom

I like the look and feel of the pages. If you need help getting the logos transformed so that the backgrounds are transparent let me know. --LonnieWormley