Node name: Westover Towers NodeId:625
Status: Fully Operational
Live Date: Dec 2, 2004


Westover Towers
NW 25th and Lovejoy
Portland, OR




Located in the West Hills this apartment building now features 5 Senao 3054 CB3's running WDS on channel 6. There are still minor issues coming in from residence concerning the 4th floor AP not passing traffic. I've asked the node owner to adjust the location slightly. Robert Petersen - 20050201


System has been rebooted and is running fine. 1/30/06 ToddMurray

I am providing client and network support to this node on a hourly basis. If any other nodes need assistance and can not wait for personaltelco to arrange a time, your welcome to contact me. 1/30/06 ToddMurray